Special & concert VHS

Play School - Special and Concert. No:12618. VHS. PAL. G. 65mins. Video Selection Australia. 1991.

Appearing in the video. are eight well-loved Play School presenters: Benita Col lings, Merridy Eastman, John Hamblin, Noni Hazlehurst, Jennifer Ludlum, Philip Quast, Don Spencer and John Waters. Favourite songs include 'Old Macdonald', 'Baa Baa Black Sheep', 'The Paper Song', 'There's a Bear in There' and many more.

Some of the stories are Harry the Dirty Dog, There Was a Princess and The Hole.

Benita Collings and John Hamblin perform in a PLAY SCHOOL CONCERT accompanied by Warren Corr. The audience joins in with the words and actions of popular Play School songs; among them are 'I'm a Little Teapot' and 'Bananas in Pyjamas'.

Meet the Orchestra VHS

Play School - Meets the Orchestra. No:12971. VHS. PAL. G. 60mins. ABC Video. 1992.

Nine favourite Play School presenters appear in this special video which explores the world of music, sound and musical instruments. In the first half, Benita, George and Trisha have lots of fun with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, singing songs and making music.

The second half of the video involves the presenters in various segments, entertaining and encouraging children to participate in different aspects of music, sound and song.

Dinosaurs VHS

Play School - Dinosaurs. No:13934. VHS. PAL. G. 55mins. ABC Video. 1994.

Play School VHS

Play School - All Together Show / At the Zoo. VHS. PAL. G. 60mins. ABC Video.

The All Together Show stars seven well-loved Play School presenters - Benita Collins, John Hamblin, Noni Hazelhurst, Jan Kingsbury, Alister Smart, Don Spencer and John Waters, singing and telling stories with a group of children. Warren Carr play the piano and Richard Bradshaw presents his shadow puppets.

Song include Humpty Dumpty, The Elephant, Eency Weency Spider, Three Little Fishes, I'm a Train, Miss Polly Had a Dolly, I'm a Little Teapot and Jump.

The stories are 'The Monkey's Face' by Frank Ashe, 'Junk Shop' by Jean Watson and 'The Gingerbread Man'. Join John Hamblin, Trisha Goddard and Colin Buchanan as the visit Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo in Play School At the Zoo. They look at elephants, monkeys, bears, bats, possums, giraffes as well as a seal show.

Australian Animal VHS

Play School - Australian Animal Stories and Songs. No:102725. VHS. PAL. G. 64mins. ABC Video. 2000.

Angela, Glen, David and their Play School friends present this delightful mix of traditional and contemporary songs about our native animals and the Australian bush.

Nursery Rhymes VHS

Play School - Nursery Rhymes. No:103119. VHS. PAL. G. 68mins. ABC Video. 2001.

Here are over 30 nursery rhymes in more than an hour of entertainment for pre-schoolers. Presented by well-loved Play School hosts such as Noni Hazelhurst, Justine Clarke, Deborah Mailman and Rhys Muldoon, the tape also contains stories, things to do and games to play, encouraging young children to explore, participate and join in the fun.

Everybody Sing VHS

Play School - Everybody Sing! No:17791. VHS. PAL. G. 58 mins. ABC Video. 1996.

Gift Pack VHS/CD

Play School - Everybody Sing! Giftpack. (Video and CD). VHS. PAL. G. VHS=68mins. CD=33mins. ABC. 2002.

Play School Everybody Sing! Video: Everybody Sing is a special one hour presentation of 33 terrific songs including Miss Polly had a Dolly, Der Glumph went the Little Green Frog, Three Jelly Fish, The Toothbrush Song, The Wobbly Walk, The Bear Hunt, Goldilocks, The Musical Baa Baa Sheep and many more! Also featured are Play School’s most requested animations, The Ning Nang Nong, The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear and This Little Piggy Went to Market.

Includes a music CD - Play School Favourites. Songs on the CD include: There’s a Bear In There, Jump If You Feel You Want To, Eggs, Humpty Dumpty and more.

On The Move

Play School - On the Move. No:100538. VHS. PAL. G. 60 mins. ABC Video. 1997.

Out and About VHS

Play School - Out and About. No:13528. VHS. PAL. G. 60 mins. ABC Video. 1993.

Hats VHS

Play School - Hats. No:12619. VHS. PAL. G. 150mins. ABC Video. 1991. (Recording date: Dec. 1984).

Road Show VHS

Play School - The Road Show. No:12938. VHS. PAL. G. 55mins. ABC Video. 1991.

Play School - At the Zoo. No:82180. VHS. PAL. G. (G). 28 mins. ABC Vido. 1985.


Play School - Nursery Rhymes. DVD. PAL. G. ABC Video. 2003.

Over 30 favourite nursery rhymes and songs. Linked with stories, things to do and games to play, Special features include Extra Stories, ‘How to Make’ section, and is subtitled for the hearing impaired.