CD (ST) ABC Music. ABC 3784975. 2014.

Play School. Play School Theme.
Giggle and Hoot. Giggle And Hoot Theme Song.
Bananas In Pyjamas. Bananas In Pyjamas (Theme Song).

Sesame Street. Sesame Street Theme.
Shaun The Sheep. Shaun The Sheep Theme Tune.
In The Night Garden. In The Night Garden Opening Theme.
Miffy and Friends. Miffy And Friends (Theme Song/Title Song).
Teletubbies. Teletubbies Theme Song.
The Wiggles. Ready Steady Wiggle!
Gaspard & Lisa. Gaspard & Lisa Theme Song.
Small. Small Potatoes Theme Song.
Rastamouse. Give It Up For Da Easy Crew (Rastamouse Theme).
Dorothy The Dinosaur. I’m Dorothy The Dinosaur.
Giggle And Hoot. Hoot’s Lullaby.

Dirtgirlworld. Dirtgirlworld Theme Song.
The Wotwots. The Wotwots Theme Song.
Waybullo. Waybullo Theme.
Mister Maker. Mister Maker.
Hoopla Doopla! Hoopla Doopla Theme Song.
Chuggington. Honk Your Horns (Chugginton Theme Song).
Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Theme Song.
Timmy Time. Timmy Time Theme Tune.
Zigby. Zigby Theme Song.
Blinky Bill. Hey Hey Blinky Bill (Blinky Bill Theme Song).
The Hive. The Hive (Main Title).
Bookaboo. Bookaboo Theme Song.
LazyTown. Welcome To LazyTown.
William Sparkles’ Magical Tales. It’s Magic, Magical Tales (Opening Title Theme).
Maya The Bee. Here Comes Maya The Bee.
Sesame Street. Elmo’s Song.
Mr. Squiggle. Mr. Squiggle Theme.
Bananas In Pyjamas. Bananas In Pyjamas (Instrumental).