CD (OP) ABC. 301026-2. 2006.

Tk01 The Wiggles – Rock-a-Bye Your Bear.
Tk02 The Wiggles – Hot Potato.
Tk04 The Wiggles – Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!
Tk06 The Wiggles – Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car.
Tk07 The Hooley Dooleys – We Are the Hooley Dooleys.
Tk08 The Wiggles – Can You (Paint Your Fingers and Do the Twist)?
Tk09 Bananas in Pyjamas – Jump Up Spin Round.
Tk10 The Wiggles – Fruit Salad.
Tk11 Play School – Jump If You Feel You Want To.
Tk16 The Hooley Dooleys – Yumbo Jive.
Tk17 Bananas in Pyjamas – Bananas in Pyjamas Theme.
Tk18 Play School – This Little Piggy.
Tk26 The Hooley Dooleys – Bottom Boogie.
Tk28 Play School – There’s a Bear In There.
Tk30 Bananas in Pyjamas – A Picnic For the Teddies.