CD White. D31140. 1994.

Most tracks recorded at The Big Pig Pen by John Phillips. Shelter and Norm Young's Piano were recorded by Tim Cole at the old church in Elsternwick. The acoustic piano on Slow Granpa's Tune, Charlie, Farm and Happy were recorded by Mark Woods at Trees Studio. Assistant Engineers include David Jobe and Andrew Massi. * Mixed by Stuart McPhee at The Pig Pen. ** Mixed by John Phillips at The Pig Pen. *** Remixed by David Thrussell and Pieter Bourke. John Phillips played all the guitars, some keyboards, and did the boffing with rhythms, samples and various gadgetry. David Bridie played the pianos and the harmonium, keyboards, samples and lumpy bits. Other musicians who played on this record (listed in order of how much money we owe them). Andrew Richardson: Acoustic Guitar. Helen Mountfort, Kieren Casey: Cello. Mark Wallace: Piano Accordian. Hope Csutoros: Violin. Jack Howard: Trumpet. Jeremy Smith: Horn. Michael Waters: Trombone. Shelly Scown, Rebecca Barnard, Kerri Simpson: Vocals. Robert (Froggy) Taylor: Didjeridoo. All tracks published by Mushroom Music, except "The Carnival Is Over" Warner Chappell/AMCOS.

04: SHELTER. * (Bridie/Phillips). 1987. (Used in the documentary "LIVING ROOMS").
05: LABOR IN POWER. * (Bridie/Phillips). 1993. (From the Australian Broadcasting Commission's five part television series).
07: GOD'S GIRLS. *** (Bridie/Phillips). 1991. (From the documentary "GOD'S GIRLS"). Charlie And The Rottweilers. ** Vong Co. *
08: FENCES. ** (Bridie/Phillips). 1993. (From the documentary "FENCES"). Norm Young's Piano. ** The Carnival Is Over. *
09: BODY WORK. ** (Bridie/Phillips). 1988. (From the documentary "BODY WORK").
12: LOVE CHARM. * (Engan Trad. Arranged Phillips, Bridie). 1990. (From the short subject presentation "ISLANDS IN THE SKY").
13: AUGUST 6TH. ** (Bridie/Phillips). 1988. (Composed as a demo for "THE SLEEP OF REASON").
14: THE FARM (WHITLAM THEME). ** (Bridie/Phillips). 1987. (Closing titles music from the documentary "WHITLAM").
15: RECESSION THEME. * (Bridie/Phillips). 1993. (From the Australian Broadcasting Commission's five part television series). Breu Peyney (David Thrussell Remix). *** Happy As Can Be. **