CD(t) (OP) ABC. 6787287. 2018.

Justine Clarke. Silly Song.
Bananas In Pyjamas. Banana Detectives.
ABC Kids. Don’t Worry, Be Happy.
Sesame Street. Gingerbread Man.
Teeny Tiny Stevies. Friendly, Gentle, Sharing, Courageous.
The Wiggles. Emma & Lachy Theme.
The Outback Aussie Show. Karla The Koala.
Christine Anu. Hello (Seu Ngapa).
Jay Laga’aia. Doin’ Stuff.
Yo Gabba Gabba. Balloons.
Peg + Cat. I Like Circles ‘Cause They’re Round.
The Green Bananas. Bananas For You.
Giggle and Hoot. Sing! Sing! Sing! 
Jimmy Barnes & The Wiggles. I’ll Be With You Forever.
Christine Anu. Nak e Ba-Na-Na.
Play School. Celebrate (Hip Hip Hooray).
Alex Papps. Let’s Put The Beat In Our Feet.
Dinosaur Train. Hungry, Hungry Herbivore.
Jay Laga’aia. Party Down By The Sea.
Nay Nay. Little Superstar.
Justine Clarke. Do Do Do The Helicopter.
Bananas In Pyjamas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
Sesame Street. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
Peg + Cat. You Can Count On Me.
John Field. The Animal Alphabet.
SplashDance. That’s What Colours Do.
Pevan & Sarah. The Tidy Up Song.
Teletubbies. If You’re Happy and You Know It.
Franciscus Henri. Clapping Land.
Play School. Possum Up A Tree.
Giggle and Hoot. The Funky Owl.
ABC Kids. Give Me A Home Among The Gum Trees.
Amber Lawrence. Real Live Puppy.
The Wiggles. Hey, Diddle, Diddle.
Teeny Tiny Stevies. Sleep Through the Night.