Australasian Films. A Union Master World Picture. 1928.
Producer/Director: Norman Dawn.

78(a) (IN) Parlophone. A 2450. (m). 1928.
“The Adorable Outcast”. (specially written for the Union Master World Picture). (Henry T. Hayes).
v: Sidney Burchall with Violin, Steel Guitar, Cello and Piano Accompaniment. Recorded in Australia.

78(t) (IN) Columbia. 0953. (m). 1928.
“The Adorable Outcast”. v: The Big Four.

78(t) (IN) Columbia. 01215. (m). 1928.
“The Adorable Outcast”. v: Alex Whitson.

CD(t) (IN) AUSTRALIAN MEMORIES: (Compilation). Ian Dodds. IDCD10. 1998. Various.
Tk06: (78) (AD) Matrix No: A235-2. "The Adorable Outcast". (2:41). (Henry T. Hayes). v: Sidney Burchall. c. Feb. 1928.