Bunker Productions International Pty. Ltd. 2007. Director: Louise Alston. Music Supervisors: Kin Green, Bree Nevin.
CD (ST) Inertia. BP001. 2007. Mastered by Matt Redlich.

Streets of Your Town. Cover by David McCormack. Written by Bobby Forster and Grant McLennan. (Mushroom Music Publishing).
Performed by David McCormack with Fi Claus. Licenced courtesy of Bunker Productions International Pty Ltd.
B Grade Lisa Loeb. By Jane Vs World. Written by Kate Duncan Performed by Jane Vs World Courtesy of Popboomerang Records.
Say Goodbye. By Indecent Obsession. Written by Dixon/Berry/Szumowski (Mushroom Music Publishing). Performed by Indecent Obsession.
Licensed courtesy of Warner Music Australia Pty Limited.
Self Control. By Rubarb. Written by Stephen Drinkall, Caleb Jones, Dave Drinkall, Ian Buchanan Performed by Rubarb Licenced courtesy of Toupee Records.
Are You Still Watching. By Mindy Sotiri. Written by Mindy Sotiri Performed by Mindy Sotiri, Chris Fleming, Dave Aston and Jeff Martin Licenced courtesy of Mindy Sotiri.
Ain't Getting No Sleep. By Vegas Kings. Written by Peter Collins and Ben Dougherty. Performed by Vegas Kings. Licenced courtesy of Mere Noise Records.
Learn Today, Earn Tomorrow. By Iron On. Written by Kate Cooper, Ross Hope, Marieca Page and Ian Rogers Performed by Iron On Licenced courtesy Iron On.
Everybody Loves You. By Tara Simmons. Written by Tara Simmons Performed by Tara Simmons Licenced courtesy of Tara Simmons.
Time Is Passing. By Marianne Mettes. Written by Marianne Mettes Performed by Marianne Mettes Courtesy of Marianne Mettes.
Hesitation Nation. By David McCormack. Written by David McCormack Performed by David McCormack Licenced courtesy of Das Kong.
The Beginning of the End. By Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side. Written By Dylan McCormack, Gentle Ben Nick Naughton, Trevor Ludlow, Performed By Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side Licenced courtesy of Spooky Records.
Lovin and Leavin. By Intercooier. Written by P. Ballantyne Performed by Intercooier Courtesy of Intercooier Licenced courtesy of Plus One Records.
Vote One. By Giants of Science. Written by M. Tanner Performed by Giants of Science Licenced courtesy of Plus One Records.
Re Model. By Dance with Voices. Written by Porcha/Kadric Performed by Dance with Voices Licenced courtesy of Dance with Voices.
Please Please. By Fi Claus. Lyrics and Music by Fi Claus. Executive Producer: Pete Murray. Performed by Fi Claus (Vocals, guitars, glockenspiel & harmonium organ) with special guest drums by Andy Sylvio and bass by James O'Brien. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Matt Redlich.
Unsettle My Heart. By The Boat People. Written by Robin Waters Performed by The Boat People Licenced courtesy of Frumpy records.
Big Kisses. From the score of 'All My Friends are Leaving Brisbane' by Caitlin Yeo. Written by Caitlin Yeo. Performed by Bob Spencer, Lara Goodridge, Caitlin Yeo, Dave Symes, Jared Underwood. Licenced courtesy of Bunker Productions International Pty Ltd.