Screen Australia in association with Showtime Australia, The New South Wales Film and Television Office, The South Australian Film Corporation and FSM present a New Town Film and New Doll Production. 2009. Written and Directed by Rachel Ward. Composers: Tex Perkins and Murray Paterson.

CD (ST) Level Two Music / Shock. L2012. 2009.

Tracks 1-10, 12-16, 18 written and performed by Tex Perkins and Murray Paterson. Additional performance by Kristyna Higgins (Guitar). Alison Baily (Cello) Mark   Bromley (Cello). Patrick Bourke (Bass). Gus Agars (Drums). Joel Silbersher (Mandolin). Russell Dunlop (Percussion). Music Recorded at Nashua Road Recording Studios. Music Mixed at Nashua Road “B”. Music engineered and mixed by  Russell Dunlop. ‘Always On My Mind’ performed by Blind Dog Taylor and One More Mile. Written by Christopher /  James / Thompson © 1971 Screen Gems. Emi Music / Budde Songs Inc.

01. Beautiful Kate (Main Theme).
02. Wilpena Pound.
03. The Shed.
04. Weeping Windmill.
05. The Old School Room.
06. The Memory.
07. Room Service.
08. Beautiful Kate (Kiss And Make Up).
09. The Chase.
10. Ned Walks Back.
11. Always On My Mind / Finding Kate. Blind Dog Taylor and One More Mile.
12. Beautiful Kate (The Dam).
13. You're Not Gonna Tell Him Are You?
14. Forgiveness.
15. Washing Bruce.
16. Beautiful Kate (Goodbye).
17. This Little Bird. Tex Perkins, Murray Paterson and Megan Washington.
18. Closing Titles (Remembering Russell Dunlop).