Southern Star Entertainment, Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty. Limited,
Anthony Buckley Productions Pty. Ltd. 1993. Director: Tracey Moffatt. Music: Carl Vine.
CD (ST) oneMone. 1M1CD1020. (DDD). 1993.
Music Composed and Conducted by Carl Vine, Recording Engineer: Craig Preston. Mixing Engineer: Michael Stavrous and Kathy Naunton. Recording Studio: Albert Studios. All music copyright © Carl Vine 1993. Compact Disc Produced by Carl Vine and Philip Power.
Mr Chuck:
Title Sequence. (1:40).
The Swamp. (2:58).
Young Danny Robs The Shop. (2:11).
Harmless Island Travelogue. (1:27).
Dangerous Island Travelogue. (1:05).
Young Danny Goes To The Cinema. (1:02).
Young Danny Wrecks The Cinema. (1:50).
The G.I. Revealed. (1:50).
Choo Choo Choo Choo:
“The Spirits”. (0:38).
Ghost Train. (0:58).
Haunted Kangaroo Hunt. (1:16).
Haunting Spirits. (2:14).
Train Of Terror. (1:06).
Lovin’ The Spin I’m In:
Imelda & Minnie’s Stories. (3:27).
Spiro’s Story. (1:13).
Minnie & Beba Appear. (2:06).
Imelda’s Nightmare. (1:16).
Frieda’s Story. (1:04).
Minnie & Beba Dance. (2:08).
The Nightmare Ends. (0:51).
End Titles. (3:46).