Backyard Productions in association with Film Victoria and Palace Films. 1999.
Written and Directed by: Neil Foley.
Original Music: Michael Condlan, Henri Grawe, Hugo Cran.

CD (ST) FESTIVAL / BEST BOY. D 32148. 1999.
Produced by Barry Palmer.
Recorded at Sing Sing Studios Melbourne Australia.
01: BIGGER THAN TINA II. The Fauves.
02: WE CAN GET TOGETHER. Custard with Dan Vardy-Cobb.
03: BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW. The Meanies featuring Dan Vardy-Cobb.
04: STATE OF THE HEART. Pollyanna featuring Dan Vardy-Cobb.
05: BIGGER THAN TINA I. The Fauves.
06: AM I EVER GONNA SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN. Mach Pelican featuring Dan Vardy-Cobb.
07: WE CAN'T BE BEATEN. 28 Days featuring Dan Vardy-Cobb.
08: SCIENCE FICTION. Moler featuring Dan Vardy-Cobb.
09: LOVE IS BLINDNESS (RADIO EDIT). The Dumpmasters featuring DVC.
10: SOUND OF YOUR HEART. Rebecca's Empire featuring Dan Vardy-Cobb.
11: CHRYSTALIZED (BY YOUR TOUCH). Dan Vardy Coob and the Deeveecees.
12: GOODBYE. Dan Vardy Coob and the Deeveecees.
13: WAYS OF LOVE. Dan Vardy Coob and the Deeveecees.
14: PRISONER OF LOVE. Dan Vardy Coob and the Deeveecees.
15: SEND ME AN ANGEL. Honeysmack featuring DVC - sample of "Send Me An Angel" appears courtesy of Real Life.
16: LOVE IS BLINDNESS (EXTENDED MIX). The Dumpmasters featuring DVC.