Cascade Films. 1990.
Director: Nadia Tass. Music: Philip Judd.
LP (ST) WEA. 903172571-1. 1990. (CD 903172571-2).
*All Written by Philip Judd. Performed by Philip Judd with Jen Anderson, Louis McManus, George B. Soundtrack Music Co-ordinator: Chris Gough. Album Executive Producers: Chris Gough and Philip Mortlock. A Mana Music Production. ** Recorded by Michael Letho.
* (1:47). (P. Judd). (Mana Music).
Long Hard Road. ** (4:00).
(Philip Judd/Tim Finn). (Mana Music / Mushroom Music). Produced by Philip Judd, Tim Finn.
Dancing In The Storm. (4:12).
(Richard Pleasance/Peter Farnan). v: Boom Crash Opera. (Opera Music / MMA Music).
Produced by Richard Pleasance.
Triumph. * (1:48). (P. Judd). (Mana Music).
The World Seems Difficult. (4:02).
(Greedy Smith). v: Mental As Anything. (Syray Music). Produced by Mark Opitz and Steven James.
Stay Forever. (3:39). (Steve Driver).
v: Bang The Drum. (Trafalgar Music).
Produced by David Hemming.
Executive Producer Charles Fisher.
Flight Of Stairs. * (0:59). (P. Judd). (Mana Music).
Simple Things. ** (6:48).
(Brian Baker/Eddie Rayner). v: The Makers.
(Rondor Music / Mana Music). Produced by Eddie
Rayner and Brian Baker. Mixed by Hugh Padgham.
Low Clearance. * (2:20).
(P. Judd). (Mana Music).

Fun City.
** (4:06).
(Music: Michael den Elzen/Philip Judd). v: Schnell Fenster. (Control). Produced by Michael den Elzen, Philip Judd, Noel Crombie, Nigel Griggs.
Rocks Are In My Head. (4:56).
(P. Farnan/R. Pleasance/D. Ryder/P. Maslen).
v: Boom Crash Opera. (Opera Music / MMA Music).
Produced by Alex Sadkin.
Basement. * (1:14). (P. Judd). (Mana Music).
Precious Time. ** (3:52).
(P. Judd, T. Finn). v: Tim Finn, Philip Judd. (Mana Music /.Mushroom Music). Produced by Philip Judd, Tim Finn.
I’ll Never Have Anything More. (2:42).
(Don McGlashan/Harry Sinclair). v: The Front Lawn.
(Control). Produced by The Front Lawn.
Here Comes Trouble. * (0:50).
(P. Judd). (Mana Music).
Rubber Love. (3:54).
(Stewart D’Arrietta/Bjarne Ohlin). v: Bigstorm.
(Dexter / Castle Music). Produced by Don Miller-Robinson.
Tai Chi. * (1:22). (P. Judd). v: Tim Finn.
(Mana Music).