The Boys

Arenafilm, Axiom Films, Globe Films, New South Wales Film & Television Office, Premium Movie Partnership, SBS Independent, Screen Partners Ltd. 1998. Director: Rowan Woods. Music: The Necks.


CD (ST) Wild Sound / MDS. OST008. 1998.

All compositions Abrahams/Buck/Swanton. (Sony/ATV Publishing/Control). Recorded and mixed at Sony Studios, East Sydney, September 1997 and March 1998. Recorded and mixed by Ross A’hern. Mastered by Daniel Segal at Sony Music, Huntingwood assisted by Albert Zychowski.
01: The Boys I. (4:27).
02: He Led Them Into the Worid. (10:20).
03: Headlights. (10:10).
04: The Boys II. (3:15).
05: The Sleep of Champions. (6:32).
06: Fife and Drum. (10:19).
07: The Boys III. (3:42).