Palm Beach Pictures. 1980. Director: Ian Barry. Music: Andrew Thomas Wilson.
LP (ST) 7 Records. MLF 360. (CA MCF 7360). 1980.
All tracks controlled by ATV Northern/Bellbird-Chappell. Andrew Thomas Wilson plays - Modular Moog - Synthesiser,Oberheim 4 voice synthesiser, Roland 70Q, Roland 100M, Moog Vocoder, Mutron Biphase, Eventide Flanger, 2 Eventide Harmonisers, Lexicon Prime Time, Roland Space Echo, Roland Chorus Ensemble, Electric Mistress, Clavinet, Bosendorfer Grand Piano, Mellotron, The Leo Snare Drum, Windchimes, Clock Springs, plus Vocals. Gary Fredericks: Guitar - End Titles, Once More With Feeling. Tony Doyle: Drums - End Titles, Once More With Feeling. Paul Wheeler: Bass - End Titles, Once More With Feeling. Produced by Spencer Lee and Andrew Thomas Wilson for Leo Productions. Written by Andrew Thomas Wilson and Spencer Lee. Recorded at Leo between January - April 1980. Recorded on Lyric 24 track using Scotch 250 tape. Mixed at Leo Recorders May 1980 using Lexicon 224 digital echo and EMT 244 Digital echo.
Awakening. (1:46).
The Beast. (4:17).
Decontamination. (2:05).
Heinrich’s Theme. (3:00).
Waldo. (1:17).
A Swim In The River. (1:48).
Chain Reaction. (4:52).
Once More With Feeling. (3:00).
Paradise Valley. (1:03).
Car Chase. (4:31).
Carmel’s Theme. (1:38).
Waldo Arrives. (1:57).
The Hand At The Window. (0:42).
Message To A Friend (End Titles). (4:28).

45 (ST) 7 Records. MS 431.
Side a: “Chain Reaction”. (Wilson-Lee).
Side b: ”Message To A Friend”. (Wilson-Lee).

45 (ST) 7 Records. MS 461.
Side a: “Beast”. (Wilson-Lee).
Side b: “Chain Reaction”. (Wilson-Lee).

LP (ST) Dual Planet. DUAL011LP. 2014. Track details as original LP release.