Michael Edgley International, Hoyts Theatres. 1984. Director: Igor Auzins. Music: Bill Conti.
LP (ST) Starcall. SFL1-0116. 1984.
Co-Produced by Bill Conti & Ashley Irwin. Music Conducted by Bill Conti. Music Recording Supervised by Ashley Irwin. Engineered by Michael Stavrou. Concert Master Robert Ingram. Except: “Heartbeat” - Produced by Ashley Irwin. Recorded by Michael Stavrou & David Cafe. Mixed by Spencer Lee. “We Are The Kids” - Produced by John Sayers. “Fraction Too Much Friction” - Produced by John Sayers. Jon English appears by courtesy of Midnight Records.
Heartbeat. (B. Conti - S. O’Neill). (2:59).
v: Kim Hart. (Matthews/Control/Sharon O’Neill).
We Are The Kids. (3:54).
(J. Dallimore - G. Matters). v: John Dallimore. (Albert).
Trial By Water. (4:00).
(Bill Conti). (Matthews/Control).
Straight Ahead. (5:46).
(J. English - J. & R. Dallimore). v: Jon English. (Leosong).
Fraction Too Much Friction. (4:08).
(Tim Finn). With Wilbur Wilde. (Mushroom).
Running Alone. (2:05).
(Bill Conti). (Matthews/Control).
The Big Race. (4:50).
(Bill Conti). (Matthews/Control).
Don’t Give Up. (2:41).
(Bill Conti). With Ken Francis, Guitar Solo. (Matthews/Control).
The Last Leg. (3:55).
(Bill Conti). (Matthews/Control).
Personal Victory. (3:52).
(Bill Conti). (Matthews/Control).

CD (ST) 1M1 Records. 1M1CD1031. 2002. (Note: Includes additional tracks to the LP - 28 tracks total).