Australian Film Finance Corporation presents a Trout Films Production. 1998.
Director: David Swann. Music: Ricky Edwards.
CD (ST) Wild Sound/Mds. OST009. 1998.
Music composed and conducted by Ricky Edwards (except where indicated) Producer: Ricky Edwards. Executive Producer: Chris Warner. Music Department Management: Russell J White Management. Music Co-Ordinator: Sandy Edwards. Orchestra: Filmharmonix. Orchestral Leader: Nigel MacLean. Orchestral Contractor: Atila Kuti. Orchestrations: Martin O'Riordan. Original Film Score Recorded and Mixed by Michael Letho. Original Film Score Assistant Engineer: Trevor Cronin. Digital Mastering: Christian Scallan. Soundtrack Album Mixed (except tracks 9 & 12): Christian Scallan. Film Score Recorded at Woodstock Studios (Melbourne, Australia). Additional Recording Mixed and Mastered at Deep Red (Melbourne, Australia). All Songs Mushroom Music Publishing except track 9 (MCA Music Publishing). * Harmonica: Chris Wilson. Violin: Nigel MacLean. Slide Guitar: Sam See. Acoustic Guitar: Simon Pattison. Piano: Ricky Edwards. Bass: Joe Creighton. Drums: Joe Creighton. Bodhran: Joe Creighton. Spoons, Synthesizer, Programming: Ricky Edwards. ** Written by O'Keefe. Published by Victoria Music. P 1963 Festival Records Pty Ltd Australia. Licensed from Festival Records Pty Ltd Australia.
Opening Credits. (2:20).
Hoedown Boxing. * (4:35).
Dream Flying. (2:51). Violincello (Solo): David Berlin.
The Truck. (0:32).
Joey The Baker. (1:28).
Hoedown Rescue. * (2:15).
Water Fight. (0:25).
Drilling The Boat. (1:06).
Shake Baby Shake. ** (2:27). v: Johnny O'Keefe (MCA Music).
Joey Steals The Car. (2:11).
Boat Builders. (2:52).
The Dinghy Ride. (1:11).
Death Of An Old Man. (2:04). Violincello (Solo): David Berlin.
Finlay's Jig. * (2:37). Irish Flute/Penny Whistle: Tony Hicks.
Closing Credits. * (3:39).