Foster Grace and Geffer Notice and Village Roadshow Pictures. 1999. Director: Ted Emery.
CD (ST) Festival. D 32055. 1999.
Music Supervision: Jimoin McKeown, Bruno Charlesworth and Steven Castan for Charlesworth Josem Partners Pty. Ltd. and Leah Warwick for Best Boys/Festvial.
Lavish. v: Homosapien.
Lucky Number. v: Lene Lovich.
Shot By Both Sides. v: The Gadflys.
Car Wash. Ricky Edwards.
(Get a Grip (On Yourself). v: The Stranglers.
Living on the Ceiling. v: Blancmange.
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real). v: Sylvester.
Off to the Rock. Ricky Edwards.
A Message to You, Rudy. v: The Specials.
The Passenger. v: The Gadflys.
Just Can’t Win. v: Chad Morgan.
Peaches. v: The Stranglers.
The Melon Farm. Ricky Edwards.
Auld Triangle. v: The Gadflys.
Downunder. v: Colin Hay.