Rimfire Films Ltd. 1986. Director: Peter Faiman. Music: Peter Best.
LP (ST) EMI. EMX 240625. 1986. Gatefold.
Written, Arranged and Produced by Peter Best. All AMCOS. Recorded digitally at AAV Australia, Melbourne and Remixed at Paradise Studios, Sydney. Recording and Mixing Engineer: Doug Brady. 1986 Best Results Pty. Ltd/Rimfire Productions.
SIDE 1: “Never Never”
Opening Titles. (1:56).
Mick And His Mate Cyril. (0:34).
The Walkabout Bounce. (3:12).
Goodnight Walter. (0:33).
In The Truck. (2:54).
The Buffalo. (1:15).
In The Boat. (0:50).
Never Never Land. (0:57).
The Death Roll. (0:38).
Sunset. (0:18).
Nice One Skippy. (2:55).
A Walk In The Bush. (2:45).
Crocodile. (1:01).
Echo Billabong. (1:10).
Would You Mind? (0:25).
SIDE 2: “New York”
Mick Meets New York. (2:44).
G’day. (1:49).
Yessir. (0:08).
Mad, Bad And Dangerous. (2:31).
v: Lisa Edwards, Lindsay Field.
The Pimp. (1:18).
Stone The Crows. (0:34).
That’s Not A Knife. (1:34).
Oh Richard. (2:30).
The Pimp Returns. (1:30).
Theme From “Crocodile Dundee”. (4:58).
Overture From “Crocodile Dundee”. (3:13).

LP (ST) Varese Sarabande (USA). STV 81296. 1986.