Producer: David Elfick. 1973. Director: Albert Falzon. Music: G. Wayne Thomas.
LP (ST) Warm & Genuine. 2907 010. 1973.
Produced by G. Wayne Thomas. The Crystal Voyager Band - Vocals: G. Wayne Thomas. Drums/Percussion: John Proud. Bass: Rod Coe. Keyboards: Bobby Gibbert. Lead Guitar: Mick Liber. Rhythm/Acoustic/Electric Guitar: G. Wayne Thomas. Moog and ARP: Bobby Gibbert and * Michael Carlos. Equipment - Fender, from Barry Farrell, Brookvale. Procurer of refreshments and unworldly condiments, dispenser of enthusiasm and raiser of flagging spirits David Elfick. Recorded at EMI Sydney, Australia. Engineers - Everybody, but mostly John Leigh. Mix Down Engineer - John Taylor.
Changes. (Thomas - Reed).
Into The Blue. (Thomas).
Junkyard I. (Thomas).
Junkyard II. (Thomas).
Red Sun Sea. (Bobby Gibbert).
Slipping Away. (Thomas).
Changes II. (Thomas - Reed).
Morning Light. (Thomas).
(That Could Be The Reason) Clouds Cry. (Thomas).
Gypsy Shoes. (Thomas).
Hollywood. (Thomas).
Space And Time. * (Thomas).

45 (ST) Warm & Genuine. 2079 035. 1974. Produced by G. Wayne Thomas.
Side a: “Changes”. (Thomas - Reed). (Warm & Genuine Music). The Crystal Voyager Band.
Side b: “Into The Blue”. (Thomas). (Warm & Genuine Music). The Crystal Voyager Band.