An Oilrag Production. 1997. Writer Producer Director: Chris Kennedy. Composer: Peter Best.
CD (ST) Wild Sound/MDS. OST 005. 1997.
Original Music & Songs composed, arranged & produced by Peter Best.
The Road to Nashville. Peter Best.
Sweet Old World. v: Emmylou Harris.
Life’s Railway to Heaven. v: Patsy Cline.
Midnight Special. v: Matt Day.
Roses For Patsy. Peter Best.
Crazy. v: Miranda Otto.
She’s Not For Us. Peter Best.
Gaol Train. Peter Best.
Girls’ Night Out. v: Gina Jeffreys.
Steppin’ On Love. v: Ken, Alfie and Dwayne.
Mexicali Punch-up. Peter Best.
My Mother’s Silver Chair. v: Ken, Alfie and Dwayne.
The Grand Ol’ Opry. Peter Best.
If Only I Could Stay Asleep. v: Patsy Cline.
Boyd’s Jazz. Peter Best.
Boulder to Birmingham. v: Emmylou Haris.
Every Little Thing. v: Carlene Carter.
Crash. Peter Best.
Goodbye Patsy. Peter Best.
Dead Red Roses. v: Miranda Otto, Matt Day and Christine Moy.