Bob Evans Productions. 1975. Producer/Director: Bob Evans. Music: Peter Martin.
LP (ST) Rainbow. KA 4000. 1975.
Composer: Peter Martin. Features three compositions and several tracks by the Sydney rock group Finch. Trumpets: Jack Iverson, Ray Bensted, L. Adamson. Trombones: Stephen Powell, Peter Haslam, Ken Herron, Ron Spillett. Saxophones: Laurie Lewis, Joy Mulligan, D. Gallagher, Betty Lys, Ford Ray, Bill Mathews, John Sangster. Flutes: Richard Gawned, Don Wright. Electric Harpsichord: Adrian Ford. Synthesiser: Bill Mathews. Acoustic guitar: Peter Martin. Lead guitar: H. Curby. Violins: D. Woods, Julie Batty, Alice Water, Nathan Waks. Viola: Ceska Baret. Finch: vocals - Owen Orford, guitars - Bob Spencer, base - Tony Strain, drums - Peter McFarlane. All works Picture Picture Records Publishing. All (P. Martin) unless otherwise noted.
Runner. (3:15).
1 & 1. (3:24).
Sailaway. (3:38). (Orford - Spencer).
Bali. (2:22).
Japan. (1:30).
Thursday Song. (2:10).
Roses. (3:38). (Orford - Spencer).
Good Day.
Drouyn Theme. (1:45).
Cynthia. (1:30).
Lady Of Truth. (3:37). (Orford - Spencer).
D 13. (2:28).
Arabic Love Theme. (1:02).
Putting It Up. (3:37).
Alawatu. (1:00).
Drouyn Theme. (0:30).
Morning Comes The Sun. (3:20).
Tubes. (2:11).
Searchin. (1:00).