Western Film Productions No.7 Pty. Ltd. 1985. Director: Denny Lawrence. Music: Cameron Allan.
LP (ST) Regular. L-38460. (CA C-38460). 1985.
Musical Director: Cameron Allan. Produced by Cameron Allan. Engineer: David Hemming. Keyboard: Glen Muirhead.
Recorded at Albert Studios.
Our Home - Instrumental.
(J. Clifforth). (Albert).
Build It Right.
(A. Barnum - L. Barnum).v: The Vitabeats. (Warner Bros).
I Don’t Dream.
(GANG gajang). v: GANG gajang. (MCA).
Made For You.
(J. Clifforth - C. Allan - M. Callaghan).
v: Broderick Smith, Vanetta Field. (Albert/MCA - Gilbey).
Our Home.
(J. Clifforth). v: J. Clifforth. (Albert).
Path Of Stone.
(M. Callaghan - G. Bidstrup). v: Stetsons. (MCA - Gilbey).
Terry Through A Fish Tank.
The Tunkleys Leave Home.
A Shark In The Bath.
Sam Tregado In An Asian Mood.
Sam Tregado In A Greek Mood.
Des Builds A B.B.Q.
The Jaguar Samba.

Made For You. (Instrumental).
(Cameron Allan). (Albert).

45 (OP) Truetone. 884 113-7. 1985.
Side a: “Dream At Night”.
(C. Bailey - K. Bee - G. Bidstrup - M. Callaghan - G. Stapleton). v: GANGgajang. (MCA/Gilbey). Produced by Cameron Allen.
Side b: “Tunkleys Leave Home. (Instrumental)”.
(Cameron Allen). (Copyright Control). Produced by Cameron Allen for the Five Continents Music. Engineered by David Hemmings.Recorded at Alberts Studio.