Prima Productions Pty. Ltd. 2006. Director: Daniel Lapaine. Music: Guy Gross.

CD (ST) Universal Music. 1707394. 2006.

C’mon. 78 Saab.
Nice To Be Here. Shane Nicholson.
Paint It Grey. George Byrne.
Identity. Brigitte Handley.
Introduce. Justin Hunter.
Designed To Fade. Shane Nicholson.
Kids Don’t Sell Their Hopes So Fast. Josh Pyke.
48 Shades. Beau Young.
Count Me In. Beau Young.
Your Easy Part. Art Of Fighting.
Folded In Half. The Bank Holidays.
Eight Arms To Hold You. The Gear.
Welcome To The Wrecking Yard. Gazoonga Attack.
Stay. Rogue Traders.
Get Up. Rupert Keiller.
Time To Shine. Losty.
Just A Memory. Beau Young.
Daniel. Lior.
Sail. George Byrne.
Peace Be With You. Beau Young.