Screen Australia, Arclight Films & Quickfire Films and Screen NSW present a Parabolic pictures and Stable Way Entertainment Production in association with Unthank Films and Story Bridge Films and Ingenious Broadcasting and Auburn Entertainment. 1992. Director: Stephan Elliot. Music: Guy Gross.

CD (ST) Universal. 2793795. 2011.
Original Music Composed and Produced by Guy Gross. (Mushroom Music) Except * Composed by Cole Porter (Warner/Chappell). Performed by Marcia Hines and the Bob Coassin’s Big Band. Orchestrated and Conducted by Derek Williams. Additional Orchestration, Synthesiser Arrangements and Conducting by Guy Gross. Music Editor: Andrew Lancaster. Supervising Engineer: Simon Leadley. Orchestra Recorded and Mixed by Robin Gray. Additional Engineers: Tom Colley, Bernard O’Reilly & Tim Ryan. Recorded at Allan Eaton Studios & Trackdown Studios. Orchestra Booker: Ron Layton. Performed by the Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra. Production Co-ordinator: Geoff Watson.

Weightless. Olivia Newtown-John.
The Rain, The Park And Other Things. Olivia Newtown-John (Lo Five Remix).
The Nips Are Getting Bigger. The Wedding Band.
Day Dream Believer. Olivia Newtown-John (Chew Fu Fix).
The Pushbike Song. Olivia Newtown John (Pablo Calamari Remix).
Wankered. The Wedding Band.
Afternoon Delight. The Wedding Band.
A Beautiful Morning. The Wedding Band.
Brand New Key. Olivia Newtown-John (Archie Remix).
Love Boat. Olivia Newton-John (Roulette Remix).
Live It Up. The Wedding Band.
Sugar Sugar. Olivia Newtown-John (Chew Fu Fix).
Living In The 70’s. The Wedding Band.
Devil Gate Drive. Olivia Newton-John (Chew Fu PVH Night Fever Remix).
Georgy Girl. Olivia Newton-John (Roulette Remix).
I Think I Love You. Olivia Newtown-John (Chew Fu PVH Love Hurts Remix).
Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad. Olivia Newtown-John (Lo Five Remix).
Mickey. Olivia Newton-John (Chew Fu Fix).
Weightless. Olivia Newton-John (Punk Ninja Remix).