Independent Productions. 1982. Director: Peter Maxwell. Music: John Sangster.
LP (ST) Rain Forest. RFLP-006. 1982. Not released theatrically.
Produced by John Sangster and Martin Benge. Featuring Don Burrows concert and alto flutes, clarinet and fife with the following orchestra: Errol Buddle: oboe, piccolo and alto saxophone. Col Loughnan: flute and tenor saxophone. Roy Ainsworth: bass-clarinet and baritone saxophone. George Golla: electric and acoustic guitars. Tony Ansell: electric piano and synthesiser. Chris Qua: Bass. Alan Turnbull: Drums and finger-cymbals. John Sangster plays the percussions, which include marimba, vibraphone, bell-tree, glockenspiel, vibraslap and tambourine. All compositions copyright John Sangster Music (JSM).
Fluteman Main Theme.
A little rain-making introduces this light rhythmic version
of the main recurring theme. Lots of room for flute
improvisations from Don Burrows. Indeed almost all
of the music in this album features Don’s various flutes,
and the clarinet. It is, after all, music for Fluteman.
The Party. (4:00).
A variation for clarinet, marimba and guitar
with the orchestra.
Fluteman’s Theme. (0:53).
A stereo-mix of the soundtrack music.
The Lost Children. (3:38).
Fluteman’s music has spirited away the town’s children,
leaving the little deaf boy, Toby searching for them.
A variation for the alto-flute and the guitar.
Call The Tune... (6:58).
A jazzy variation, with solos for Don’s concert flute.
Col Loughnan’s tenor saxophone, and Errol Buddle’s
alto saxophone.
First, A Little Smile.
Into the streets the Piper stept.
Smiling first a little smile, As if he knew what magic slept In his quiet pipe the while.
Toby’s Theme. (4:14).
A version for clarinet, bass-clarinet, marimba and guitar. With the drums and bass and some piano sounds.
Rain! (1:36).
Fluteman’s music brings the rain to a drought-stricken town, and everybody celebrates. This is another stereo-mix of the soundtrack music, which is why you hear the baddies, thoroughly discomfited, scurrying away at the end of the piece.
...And Pay The Piper. (4:15).
Some vibraphone variations on Fluteman’s theme.
The Children’s March. (4:29).
Featuring Don’s fife, or, as he prefers to call it, the school-flute.