Fox Searchlight Pictures presents in association with Australian Film Finance Corporation
A Mystery Clock Production. 2002. Director: Alex Proyas.

CD (ST) Festival Mushroom Records. 335852. 2002.

01: High Voltage. v: The D4.
02: Alright. v: Supergrass.
03: Kooks. v: Motor Ace.
04: Buy Me a Pony. v: Spiderbait.
05: Rockin' It. Instrumental.
06: Garage Days. (2:20). v: Kate Noonan.
07: Love is the Drug. v: Roxy Music.
08: Add it Up. v: Sonicanimation
09: Walk Up. Instrumental.
10: Ghost Town. v: Rhombus.
11: Smash it Up. v: The (International) Noise Conspiracy.
12: Say What. v: 28 Days.
13: That's Entertainment. v: The Jam.
14: Master Plan. v: David McCormack.
15: Stop Thinkin About It. v: Joey Ramone.
16: Mad Man. v: The Hives.
17: Get the Tarp. Instrumental.
18: Lucky Number Nine. v: The Moldy Peaches.
19: Help Yourself. v: Tom Jones.