Correctional Services Inc. (Film Productions) Ltd. 1989. Director: John Hillcoat.
Music: Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Blixa Bargeld.

CD (ST) Mute Records (UK). CD IONIC 3. 1989. Includes dialogue from the film. Also released on LP.
Music Composed and Performed by Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Blixa Bargeld. Film Soundtrack by Dean Gowen, Rex Watts, Peter Clancy & Sue Lamshed. Vocals on Theme: Anita Lane. Original Recording Engineer: Ted Hamilton. Album Compiled by Victor Van Vugt. Voices: David Hale, Kevin Mackey as “Glover”.

The News (Voice: Michelle Babbit).
Introduction - A Prison In The Desert.
David Hale - I’ve Been A Prison Guard Since I Was 18 Years Old.
Glover - I Was 16 When They Put Me In Prison.
David Hale - You’re Danglin’ Us Like A Bunch Of Meat On A Hook.
Pop Mix.
Glover - We Were United Once.
David Hale - The Day Of The Murders.
Lilly’s Theme (“A Touch Of Warmth”).
Maynard Mix.
David Hale - What I’m Tellin’ Is The Truth.
Outro - The Free World.
Glover - One Man Released So They Can Imprison The Rest Of The World.