Farflight Investments Pty. Ltd. 1980. Director: Simon Wincer. Music: Brian May.
LP (ST) Music Movie (France). MM 22002. 1979.
Music Composed and Conducted by Brian May. Record Engineer: Roger Savage. Arp Synthesiser courtesy of Rose Music.
SIDE 1: Theme (1’)
Main Title.
Political Theme. (0:49).
Thunderclap Alex Spits Blood. (0:47).
Sandra And Alex. (0:41).
The Cure. (3:14).
The Aerial/Did You Cure My Son? (1:34).
Can You Think It Was Assassination?
Alex Scare. (0:42).
The Cliff. (1:36).
Love Scene (Wolfe and Sandra). (3:16).
Alice Disrobes/Shattering Windscreens. (1:30).
Wolfe And Alex. (0:57).
Pidgeon Appears. (1:14).
Acid Alice/Face On Tiles. (2:15).
The Argument (Sandra and Nick).
Wolf Escapes From Jail. (0:49).
Letting Out the Dogs. (1:26).
Bergier Trapped. (2:15).
March of the Marbles. (2:32).
The Set Up (Wolfe and Nick). (2:12).
Wolfe’s Death. (1:36).
Wolfe’s Resurrection. (1:40).
Wolfe Killed Again. (1:03).
Wolfe Dumped. (1:04).
Wolfe Surfaces/End Titles. (3:24).

CD (ST) oneMone. CD1010. 1989. (Includes “SNAPSHOT”).