Head On
Philm Productions. 1993. Director: David Parker. Music: Philip Judd.
CD (ST) Screentrax / Polydor. 5212022. 1993. Includes dialogue from the film.
Produced and Arranged by: Phil Rigger. Recorded at Fineline Studio, Randwick. Engineered and Recorded by Phil Rigger. Assisted by Keith Cooper. Mastered at 301 Studios, Sydney by Steve Smart. Project Co-ordinators: Screensong Pty. Ltd, John Hopkins. Phil Rigger would like to thank AKAI Professional, Australis Music, Harbour Music, Hutchings Keyboards and Charing Cross Studios and all those who gave their support and encouragement. © 1993 Screensong Pty. Limited/Peermusic Pty. Limited.
Hercules Rap. (3:31).
(Des Mangan (Screensong), Phil Rigger (Peermusic)). v: Rachel Dunham.
The Story Continues...Herc Rescues Labia. (2:31).
Pink Panthenon. (5:05).
(Des Mangan (Screensong), Phil Rigger (Peermusic)). v: Tony Malouf.
And Continues...Hercules Secret Ambition. (2:25).
Funk It Up. (3:46).
(Des Mangan (Screensong), Phil Rigger (Peermusic)). v: Helen Curic.
And Continues...Labia And Testiculi. (4:43).
Muscles For Hire. (4:23).
(Des Mangan (Screensong), Phil Rigger (Peermusic)). v: Helen Curic.
And Continues...Samson And Delilah. (1:26).
Delilah’s Song. (3:48).
(Des Mangan (Screensong), Phil Rigger (Peermusic)).
And Continues...Machismo Joins The Fight. (2:05).
Embarrassing. (4:10).
(Des Mangan (Screensong), Phil Rigger (Peermusic)).
And Continues...Labia And Testiculi Elope. (2:14).
Macho Man. (4:10).
(Morali, Belolo, Willis, Whitehead (Scorpio Music)). v: Tony Malouf.
And Continues...Herc Get The Plot. (1:35).
Don’t You Just Love That Music. (4:34).
(Des Mangan (Screensong), Phil Rigger (Peermusic)).
And Ends...Life Goes On, And On, And On. (0:38).

45/12 (ST) Featuring dialogue cuts from the movie. Unnumbered. Promotional release only.
Hercules Rap.
Muscles For Hire.
Don’t You Love That Music.
Don’t You Love That Music (Remix).