EB Productions. 2008. Director: Cathy Randall. Music: Guy Gross.
CD (ST) Capitol. 2067272. 2008.

01: The Only One (Paul Mac featuring Bertie Blackman).
02: Don't You Think It's Time (Bob Evans).
03: I Melt With You (Sydney Children's Choir).
04: Ribbons (Guy Gross).
05: The Wrong Girl (Missy Higgins).
06: Bar Mitzvah Prep (Guy Gross).
07: Clapping Song (Operator Please).
08: Be a Woman (Persian Rugs).
09: Lucky Lipstick (Surferosa).
10: The Only One (Paul Mac featuring Sydney Children's Choir).
11: Esther on Stage (Guy Gross).
12: G/S (Operator Please).
13: Duck Walk (Guy Gross).
14: Sometimes (Danielle Catanzariti and Sydney Children's Choir).
15: Long Live the Girls (Sarah Storer).
16: Young Folks (Chasing Bailey).
17: Strange Little Girl (Sydney Children's Choir).
18: Liar (Bob Evans).
19: The Only One (Toy Piano - Paul Mac).
20: Bar Mitzvah Medley Hora (Ilan Kidron & Glass).