Australian Film Finance Film Corporation Limited
and Central Park Films presented by The Globe Film Co. 1996. Director: David Caesar.
CD (ST) rooArt. 74321451782. 1997.
01: World In A Box. Dialogue: Stephen Rae / Susan Prior.
02: Idiot Box I. You Am I.
03: Cats And Dogs. You Am I.
04: Mad. Dialogue: Ben Mendelsohn / Jeremy Sims.
05: Degenerate Boy. The Mark Of Cain.
06: The Buulshit Never Ends. Hoss.
07: Penicillin. Snout.
08: My Pal. Magic Dirt.
09: Idiot Box II. You Am I.
10: Quiet Poem. Dialogue: Jeremy Sims.
11: Halo. Crow.
12: Gasoline For Two. You Am I.
13: Love In Motion. Snout.
14: Simple Love. Hoss.
15: Pub Poem. Dialogue: Jeremy Sims / Susie Porter.
16: Television Addict. You Am I.
17: Second Language. Crow.
18: Winter Salsa. Hoss.
19: Hindsight. The Mark Of Cain.
20: Idiot Box III. You Am I.