Odin's Eye Entertainment presents a Two Tone Pictures / RLC Motion Picture Entertainment / Running Panda Films / Odin's Eye Productions Production in association with Emu Creek Pictures Sunjive Studios and Film Victoria. 2016. Director: Matthew Holmes. Music: Ronnie Minder.
CD (ST) Esperanto Records. PFBHCD. 2016.
Why there is no track listing shown here.
It's worth noting that no official 'stand-alone' audio CD has been released to date. The only physical CD version is included with the Australian Blu-ray/DVD package release - March 2017 (Pinnacle Films - #PF0937). The supplied audio CD contains 15 tracks, none of which are track listed, and there is no GraceNote submission for it, so the 15 tracks could be anything. The digital (download only) version of the soundtrack is also in two versions...iTunes has the 'Original Soundtrack version' showing 35 tracks, whilst the 'Deluxe iTunes download offers 46 tracks.