Revolve Productions. 1985. Director: Derek Strahan. Music: Derek Strahan.
Not released theatrically, although it was screened on the Nine Network January 05 1997.
CA(t) (OP) Revolve. RDS002C. 1981. “TODAY/YESTERDAY”. (Music is strongly featured on the film soundtrack).
The John Gould Quartet with Alan Vivian, Clarinet. Quartet: John Gould - Leader, First Violin. Irene Donohue - 2nd Violin. Jane Hazelwood - Viola. David Pereira - ‘Cello. Recorded at Studio C, 2MBS-FM. Recording Engineer: Ian Bull. Editing: Sheard & Co. Post Production: Studio 301. Mastered & Manufactured by: Idris Pty. Ltd. Produced by: Derek Strahan.
String Quartet No.1 (“The Key”).
1. Fever.
2. Rhapsody.
3. Love-Hope.
4. Dance.
Clarinet Quintet No.1 In D Major (“The Princess”).
1. Profane Love/Romantic Love.
2. Constancy/Deceit.
3. Flirtation/Isolation.
4. Fusion Of Opposites.