Lightning Ridge, Village Roadshow Productions. 1994. Director: Simon Wincer. Music: Bruce Rowland.
CD (ST) Festival. D93405. 1994.
Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted by Bruce Rowland. Additional Orchestrations * by Nerida Tyson-Chew. Recording Engineer: Robin Grey. Assistant: Michael Wickow. Music recorded at Allan Eaton Studios. Melbourne, Robert Blackwood Hall, with the Metropolis O/B Van. Recorded in Dolby SRD.
Opening. (0:25).
The Bad Guys.
Meet Lightning Jack Kane.
Kane’s Escape.
Jack Takes A Hostage.
Kane Rides Away.
A Snake Bite Bonding.
Ben’s First Job.
Kane - Alive Or Dead.
It’s Been A Long Time Jack.
Teaching Ben To Shoot.
Arizona Chicken.
On The Lookout For Kane.
A Greenhorn Like You/Monument Montage.
They’re Commanches.
Who’s There.
The Fire.
* (2:31).
Lightning Rag.
Ben’s First Poke.
I’m Scared.
(1:33). John T Coles/Two Riders. *
Ben’s Betrayal.
$10,000 Reward.
Closing Credits.