The Australian Film Finance Corporation presents a Miall and Kershaw Production. 2000.
Director: Kate Woods. Composer: Alan John.
CD (ST) Murmur. MATTCD103. 2000.
Weir. Killing Heidi.
Tintarella Di Luna. Happyland.
Teenager of the Year. Lo-Tel.
Dinnertime. Spiderbait.
Dead from the Waist Down. Catatonia.
Blue Moon. Endorphin.
I'm the Problem with Society. Frenzal Rhomb.
With or Without You. Hamish Cowan.
Supernova. Magic Dirt.
Divine. Antenna with Chrissie Amphlett.
Don't You Know Who I Am. Happyland.
Don't Say. Stella One Eleven.
Tintarella Di Luna. Gina Zoia.