Screwball Five Pty. Ltd. 1996. Director: Emma-Kate Croghan.
CD (ST) Polydor. 5357282. 1996. Contains dialogue from the film.
Blue Mink courtesy of Action Replay Records. Died Pretty courtesy of Sony Music. Belly Dance courtesy of Roadshow Music.
Manhattan Walk. Daryl McKenzie. (Control).
Sunday Morning.
(John Cale/Lou Reed). v: Velvet Underground. (Polygram Music/EMI Music Publ.).
Just A Man.
(Tex Perkins/Ken Gormly). v: The Cruel Sea. (Polygram Music).
You’re Just Too Hip Baby.
(Dave Graney). v: Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes. (Polygram Music).
Dreaming With Woody.
(G. Bennie/V. Giarrusso). v: Underground Lovers. (Polygram Music).
(Nic Dalton). v: Godstar. (Moo Chewns/Polygram Music).
(Rebecca Barnard). v: Rebecca’s Empire. (Polygram Music).
TV Genocide.
(J. Curley/L. Curley/R. Lewis/P. Hausmeister/S. O’Brien). v: Tumbleweed. (Tarijuana/Polygram Music).
It’s A Conspiracy.
Steal Mine.
(Tania Bowers). v: Spdfgh. (Moo Chewns/Polygram Music).
Fake That Emotion.
(Tex Perkins/Glen Dormand). v: Tex, Don & Charlie. (Polygram Music/Control).
Rainy Daze.
(M. Michiru/J. Brown). v: Monday Michiru. (Polygram Music).
Lightness & Weight.
Perils Of Mia.
The Boners. (Control).
(P. Svensson/M. Sveningsson/N. Persson). v: The Cardigans. (Polygram Music).
Bubbles (Pigs Will Fly).
(Anthony Hughes). v: Bellydance. (Polygram Music).
Can You Feel It Baby?
(Roger Cook/Roger Greenaway). v: Blue Mink. (Polygram Music).
Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love).
(Cole Porter). v: Simon Holmes & Morgana Ancone. (Warner Chappell).
Good At Love.
(Brett Myers/Ron Peno). v: Died Pretty. (Polygram Music).