Generation Films, Lewin Films, Pandora Cinema. 1994. Writer/Director: Ben Lewin. Music: Paul Grabowsky.
CD (ST) BMG. 743212238282. 1994. 74321238282. 1994. on the insert.
Composed by Paul Grabowsky. Performed by the Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra. Leader - Rudi Osadnik. Conductor - Paul Grabowsky. Orchestrations - Ric Formosa, Paul Grabowsky. Soprano - Amanda Colliver. Solo Violin - Susan Pierotti. Bazoukie - George Spiro. Published by Warner Bros Music Australia Pty. Ltd. Produced by Mike Grabowsky. Engineer - Robin Gray. Recorded at Allan Eaton Studios. Digital Editing - Cinesound. Music Consultant - Diana Manson. Album Compiled by Diana Manson. Album Co-ordinator - Anneke Baeten for BMG Australia. Mastered by Bruce Sheldrick.
Love And Affection (Remix).
(Joan Armatrading). v: Joan Armatrading. Producer: Glyn Johns. Remixed by Hugh Padgham. © Rondor Music (London) Ltd. Courtesy A&M Records through PolyGram Pty. Ltd.
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This.
(Annie Lennox - David A. Stewart). v: Eurythmics. Produced by David A. Stewart. Published by BMG Music Publishing Limited. Courtesy of RCA Records.
In The Name Of Love.
(Michael McDonald). v: Rick Astley. Produced by Greg Stevenson and Rick Astley. Published by Warner Chappell Music. Courtesy of RCA UK.
This Is The Right Time.
(Stansfield - Devaney - Morris). v: Lisa Stansfield. Produced by Devaney and Morris. Published by Mushroom Music Pty. Ltd. Courtesy of Arista UK.
(Bernie Lynch). v: The Eurogliders. Producers: Bernie Lynch, Bill Scheniman. Published by Warner Bros. Music Australia Pty. Ltd. Courtesy Sony Music Australia Ltd.
(Mark E. Nevin). v: Fairground Attraction. Produced by Fairground Attraction and Kevin Moloney. Published by MCA Music. Courtesy of RCA UK.
We’ve Started A Fire.
(Paul Kelly). v: Vika And Linda. Produced by Paul Kelly. Published by Mushroom Music Pty. Ltd. Courtesy of Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.
I’m So Excited.
(A. Pointer - J. Pointer - R. Pointer - T. Lawrence). v: The Pointer Sisters. Produced by Richard Perry. Published by SBK Songs/Rondor Music. Courtesy of RCA USA.
Lucky Break - The Score.
Fantasy 1 (Parts 1 & 2): The Greek Island.
Eddie And Sophie Meet At The Library.
Eddie In His Shop.
Fantasy 2: The Artist.
(Performed by Fred Chia). Written by Russell and Barrossa. Published by Southern Music Publishing.
The Party.
The Tropical Resort.
Jewels In The Hotel Room.
The Restaurant.
Gloria And Eddie Make Up.
Sophie And Eddie In His Apartment.
Fantasy 4: The Cat Burglars.

The Cast Comes Off.
Sophie Reveals The Truth.
Gloria Reads The Book.
(Antonio Vivaldi, Arr: Paul Grabowsky). Performed by The Australian Boys Choir.
Love Theme.
The Motel Room.
Fantasy 3: Gretchen.