Yoram Gross Film Studios. 1991. Producer/Director: Yoram Gross. Music: Guy Gross.
CD (ST) BMG. SPCD1212. 1991.
Composed, Arranged and Produced by Guy Gross. Lyrics and Narration Written by John Palmer. All Tracks Narrated and Performed by Robyn Moore except * by Ross Higgins and parts of tracks ** by Keith Scott. Recorded at Trackdown/G.G.M. Studios, Sydney, Australia. Engineers: Simon Leadley, Tim Ryan, Kirke Godfrey and James Cadsky. Pre-mastering by MidiSoft Australia.
Ordinary Miracles. (3:51).
v: Julie Anthony. Guitar: Dave Mason-Cox. Backing Vocals by Robyn Dunn. (Courtesy of Mushroom Records).
When I Was Just A Little Girl.
I Will Find The Will.
Mean Mean Mean.
My Darling Daughters.
Sisters Sisters.
Cindy Do It Now.
** (0:26).
Try Not To Cry So.
The Pig Song.
** (2:42).
Oh Silver Bright Reflection.
Grandma Dear Grandma.
Now How Did It Go?
The Girl In The Snow White Dress.
* (2:08).
“I’m Alive...”.
** (1:20).
Cinderella’s Wedding Day.
* (1:33).
Instrumental Score Excerpts.