Produced by Twenty 20 Pty Ltd with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission
and SBS Independent with Showtime Australia. 2001.
Written and Directed by Vincent Giarrusso.
Music Scored by Glenn Bennie and Vincent Giarrusso.
CD (ST) Silvertone Records. SILV001. 2001.
All Songs Bennie / Giarrusso except Track 17 Bennie / Giarrusso / Bianco Score Produced By Philip Brophy & GVBG. Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Philip Brophy @ Gelatin & RMIT Media Arts. CD Mix Originated from original Dolby Surround 3-Chanrel Mix. Tracks 2 and 9 Produced by Robert Goodge and GBVG & Mixed and Recorded @ Garden Style Vegetable Studios. All Songs copyright Control except Track 17 Control / Mushroom Publishing. Sound Design by Philip Brophy. Sound Effects Recordings by Jenny Sochackyj. Soundtrack CD Mastered @ 301 by Don Bartley. Musicians: Glenn Bennie - Guitars. Vincent Giarrusso - Keyboards. Philip Brophy - Drums. Roderick Kempton - Bass.
Escalation. (1.55).
In a World of Shit. (3.52).
Trucks, Trams and Automobiles. (0.47).
"The Mull is High in the Paddocks". (3.38).
Shaun in the City. (1.08).
Crunchy Payola Sweet. (2.35).
The Squirrel Grippers. (3.08).
Shaun's Motif in "G". (1.52).
"I Love My Trackies Man". (3.37).
Solis Line Bonne Etoile. (1.00).
Mainman Mall Motif. (1.25).
Western Boy. (1.12).
Shaun's Motif in "D" Movement to Clarity. (2.00).
Twittering. (1.02).
Suburban Sprawls. (8.18).
Shaun's Motif in "D" Reprise. (1.15).
"Trackies" Remix. (3.37).