A Gaumont Production with the assistance of The Australian Film Commission. 2000.
Director: Pip Karmel. Composer: Charlie Chan.
CD (ST) EASTWEST. 3984296242. 2000. (* = Original Score).
All original score music recorded at Dining Room, Rushcutters Bay, Australia. Produced by Charlie Chan. Engineered by Brenda Lee.
Me Myself I (Radio Mix). (3:23). v: Marie Wilson.
When I Grow Up. * (1:53). Charlie Chan. (With Dialogue).
I'm a Mess. (3:19). v: The Murmurs.
You Sexy Thing. (3:58). v: T-Shirt.
What I Like About You. (2:52). v: Marie Wilson.
All By Myself. (4:21). v: Maggie McKinney.
The Date. * (0:54). v: Charlie Chan. (With Dialogue).
Ca Plane Pour Moi. (2:59). v: Plastic Bertrand.
Shop Around. (3:23). v: Captain & Tennille.
All My Friends Are Getting Married. (4:48). v: Skyhooks.
A Better Man. (2:22). v: Princessa.
So Beautiful. (4:58). v: Simply Red.
Two Boys and a Girl. * (1:43). Charlie Chan.
Cheek to Cheek. (2:37). v: Peggy Lee.
Me Myself I. (3:17). v: Joan Armatrading.
Goodbye. * (2:05). Charlie Chan.
Walls. (3:32). v: Shanley Del.
Me Myself I (Film Mix). (3:05). v: Marie Wilson.