Daniel Scharf Productions. 1994. Director: Geoffrey Wright. Music: John Clifford White.
CD (ST) Picture This. PTR005. 1994.
Composed by John Clifford White (Screensong). Produced by John Clifford White and Scott Heming. Engineered by Scott Heming. Second Engineers: Greg O’Shea and Tony Faranda. Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars: Chris Pettifer and Jonathan Hewett. Drums and Percussion: Angus Burchall. Harpist: Mary Doumany. (Appears courtesy of Gotham MultiMedia). Coloratura Soprano: Rozzi Bazzani. Keyboards and Piano: John Clifford White. Chimes: Catherine DeLaney. Sound Effects on “Rise & Shine” Frank Lipson. All selections recorded and mixed at Metropolis Audio Melbourne.
The Spell. v: Tara Morice.
Joe’s Song (Instrumental).
Metal Skin.
The Sinner.
Rise And Shine.
The Cycle Of Passion And Pain.
Holidays On Prozac.
The Sorceress.
Joe’s Song (Choral Reprise).
Lord Of Night.
The Sorceress And The Sinner.
Midnight Mass.
Black Wedding.
Lullabies, Passion And Pain.
Wretched Spirit Be At Peace.
The Fallen Angel.
Joe’s Song (Vocal ‘She Cries’).
v: Nick Barker.