Showtime Australia presents a Porchlight Films production in association with the NSW Film and Television Office and SBS Independent. 2001. Director: David Caesar. Original Music: Paul Healy.

CD (ST) Warner Music. 8573881552. 2001.
01: Mullet Theme.
02: Versions Of You.
03: Cop Station.
04: Sugar Talk.
05: It's A Bloody Flush Toilet.
06: Green Moon Rise.
07: Tell Your Father I'm Not Talking To Him.
08: Missing.
09: Mullet Fishing Theme.
10: League's Not Just A Game.
11: Footy Theme.
12: Shouldn't Take It Personal.
13: Come On The Scene.
14: Boys In Town.
15: Fake That Emotion.
16: Mullet Dreaming.
17: Hang My Head.
18: Fish Have Bad Memories.
19: Fish Poem Music Theme.
20: Caravan.
21: Still In Love With You.
22: Closing Theme.
23: Buy Me A Drink.