Australian Film Finance Corporation and Hollywood Partners. 1999.
Director: Peter Duncan. Music: Percy Aldridge Grainger.

CD (ST) BMG Australia Limited/ RCAVictor. 74321674622. 1999.
Arrangements & orchestrations: Alan John. Additional piano arrangements: David Stanhope. Passion orchestra conducted by David Stanhope. Orchestra Leader: Phillip Hartl. Orchestra Contractor: Coralie Hartl. Music Supervisor: Christine Woodruff. Unless noted - All tracks recorded at Trackdown Studios, Mike Perjanik Productions, Megaphon Studios, Eugene Goossens Hall ABC Ultimo, Newcastle Conservatorium of Music (piano by Stuart & Sons). Recording Engineer/Music Editor/Mixer: Simon Leadley. Mastering: Studios 301: Steve Smart. Additional recording: Tim Ryan, Christo Curtis.

Wish Tune from County Derry. (1:55). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes.
Poon River. (1:23). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes.
The Lonely Desertman. (1:43). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes. Tenor: Tyrone Landau.
Black Keys Etude. (1:34). Frederic Chopin. David Stanhope. Courtesy of Tall Poppies.
Brigg Fair. (3:08). Oxford Camerata. Boosey & Hawkes. Conductor: Jeremy Summerly. (p) 1996 HNH International.
Lyric Piece No.36 - Vanished Days. (6:03). Edvard Greig. David Stanhope.
In a Nutshell - The Pastoral. (0:48). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes.
Shallow Brown. (5:53). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes. Sydney Chamber Choir. Baritone: John Cummins.
Country Gardens. (0:49). David Stanhope. Boosey & Hawkes.
Kipling detting No.1 - Dedication (Mother O’Mine). (1:43).
Words by Rudyard Kipling. Piano: David Stanhope. Tenor: Tyrone Landau. Boosey & Hawkes.
Shepherd’s Hey/Colonial Song. (2:00). David Stanhope. Boosey & Hawkes.
Piano Concerto - 1st Movement. (11:57).
Edvard Grieg. Piano: Jeno Jando. Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Andras Ligeti. (p) 1988 HNH International.
In a Nutshell - The Pastoral. (0:55). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes.
Shepherd’s Hey/Molly on the Shore. (1:16). David Stanhope. Boosey & Hawkes.
Power of Love. (0:55). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes.
Trio for Violin, Cello & Piano. (7:25). Enrique Granados. Piano Trio Salzburg. (p) 1995 cpo Germany.
The Lonely Desertman. (0:58). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes.
Irish Tune from County Derry. (1:50). David Stanhope & Emma Matthews. Boosey & Hawkes.
Colonial Song. (1:38). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes.
Handel in the Strand. (3:40). Passion Orchestra. Boosey & Hawkes.