Polygram Filmed Entertainment and the Australian Film Finance Corporation
present a Latent Image Production. 1997. Director: Karl Zwicky. Music: Mario Millo.

CD (ST) Larrikin. LRF505. 1997.
MUSICIANS MARIO MILLO - Guitars, Mandolins, Percussion, Hammond & Keyboards. COS RUSSO - Piano & Hammond. JEFF CAMILLERI - Bass Guitar. NICK LISTER - Drums & Tablas. RALPH WHITE - Trombones, Trumpets & Saxophones. Orchestra - AUSTRALIAN STUDIO ORCHESTRA. Orchestrations & Arrangements - MARIO MILLO. Conducted by - CHRISTOPHER GORDON. Concert Master - PHILLIP HARTL. Orchestral Music Supervisor - COS RUSSO. Orchestra recorded at Eugene Goossens Hall, ABC, Sydney. Engineered by CHRISTO CURTIS and assisted by JAMES CADSKY. Dialogue compiled by Dave Eggins at Philmsound. Additional music recorded at Silver City Studio, engineered by COS RUSSO. Soundtrack mixed & mastered at Silver City Studio by MARIO MILLO. Album Produced by Mario Millo. Album Executive Producers Karl Zwicky & Vicki Watson. All tracks published in Australia & NZ by Polygram Music Publishing except track 14 by Control.

Bad Dog/Anja Spies on Alex.
PC Can Talk.
Anja Murders Alex.
Alex Dies/The Story Begins.
PAWS Opening Title.
Dog Breath.
Search For The Disk.
Anja's Story.
Samantha's Song.
Ya Wee Beauty.
PC Calls Grooming Salon.
Zac Misses His Dad.
PC Flexes His Digits.
Peter Gunn. (H. Mancini).
Anja's Phone Call.
Zac & PC Tail Steven.
Anja Kidnaps PC.
It's The Wolf.
Cordelia Gets Glammed/Zac Stuffs Up.
Zac Thinks About His Dad.
Anja's Threat.
Duelling Brats.
Hey Ugly.
Mayhem At The Racetrack.
Anja Rides The Bunny.
The Puzzle Is Solved.
Memories Of Alex.
PC Speaks Up.