Emcee Films Pty. Ltd. 1999. Director: John Curran. Music: Dirty Three.

CD (ST) Festival/Best Boy. D 32054. 1999.

Remember a Time When You Once Used To Love Me. (6:10).
Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette). (2:53).
Lights Are Yellow & the Nights Are Slow. (5:27).
The River Looks Lonely Tonight. (3:34).
You're So Beautiful To Know. (3:12).
Somewhere Else, Some Place Good. (4:16).
Flamenco Festival. (1:50).
Toaster. (3:06).
Once Across a Story Bridge. (2:25).
What Did I Do. (3:05).
Summers Lost Heart. (2:53).
Mano O Mano. (3:00).
Devil in the Hole. (4:13).
The Junk Crammed Up Behind My Eyes. (2:12).
Xmas Song. (1:34)
King of the Cowboys. (4:30).
A Strange Holiday. (5:21).
Mia Fora Thimame. (4:45).