In association with Showtime Australia and New South Wales Film and Television Office
The Australian Film Finance Corporation presents a Macgowan and Beneficiary Films Production. 2001. Directed by Alan White.

CD(t) (ST) Warner Music Australia. 8573881652. 2001.
Composer: Don Miller-Robinson. Music Supervisor: Christine Woodruff.

Friday On My Mind. The Easybeats.
Off To Work. Original Score.
The Sound. Rumanastone.
Internal Audit. Original Score.
Whatever Makes You Happy. 78 Saab.
Undecided. Masters Apprentices.
Hej. Skulker.
20th Century Bay. Skulker.
Naughty. Skulker.
Another Up. Automatic
R U Fucking Kriesky. Original Score.
Intrinsic. Centipede and Tzar.
Bribe The Copper. Original Score.
Speed Crash. Original Score.
Lost His Head. Original Score.
Sunshine. 78 Saab.
Bonus Tracks: Talk. Pretty Violet Stain. Calling On. Weta.