An Essaness Pictures Presentation. 1981. Director: Richard Franklin. Music: Brian May.

CD(t) (ST) oneMone. CD1014. (AAD). 1991. “ROADGAMES / PATRICK”. Includes - “PATRICK”.
Composed and Conducted by Brian May. Digital Mastering Meredith Brooks, Sony Mastering, Sydney.

Main Title. (6:19).
On The Road.
The Icebox.
It’s The End Of The World.
No More Games.

Hitch’s Theme. (3:24).
Morning Scene.
The Chase.
Quid Investigates. (2:28).
What’s The Matter, Buddy?
Quid Inspects Meat.
Hallucinating. (3:24).
Final Pursuit. (3:57).
Collision. (1:33).
High Jump.
Closing Titles.
Hitch’s Theme. (3:01).