Seon Films. 1992. Director: Geoffrey Wright. Music: John Clifford White.

CD (ST) PTR002. Picture This. 1992.
Composed by John Clifford White (Screensong), except “The Smack Song” lyrics by John Clifford White and Bill Murphy. Orchestrations by John Hawker. Produced by Doug Brady and John Clifford White. All selections recorded and mixed at Metropolis Audio, except “Wild Animals 2”, at Track Rite Sound. The Romper Stomper Orchestra and Band: Andrew Baldwin, Doug Brady, John Hawker, Tom Kehoe, Frank Lipson, Mat Thomas, Peter Palankay, Harry Vogelsanger.

Romper Stomper Theme.
Pulling on the Boots.
Skinheads Go Shopping/Gabe Sees Swastika.
Mein Kampf.
Fuehrer Fuehrer.
Let’s Break Some Fingers/Brawl Crawl.
The Smack Song.
Lyrics by John Clifford White and Bill Murphy.
Tonguey for the Skins/Nightmare for the Hippies.
At the Mansion.
We Came to Wreck Everything.
Wild Animals 1.
Bubs Dead/Gabe Finds Davey.
Gabe and Davey.
Fourth Reich Fighting Men.
Night Drive.
On the Beach.
Wild Animals 2.
Fourth Reich Fighting Men Reprise.
The Dead Nazi March.