South Australian Film Corporation presents A Living Motion Pictures Production. 2000.
Director: Clinton Smith. Original Score: Rafael May.
CD (ST) Best Boy/Festival. D32146. 2000.
The Sample People soundtrack was extremely ambitious and could only have happened with the Support of the following: Thanks to Christine Woodruff, Adrian at Mushroom Music; Rusty, Sally and Rachel at Warner/Chappell, Bob at Rondor Music, Denise at Universal, Belinda and Melissa at EMI; Brett Oaten, J. Albert and Son, Liz Dayney-Morrissey, David Edwards and Andrew Farriss. Second bunch of thanks to all the bands, A&R managers, band managers and thanks to the often forgotten always over-worked business affairs managers. Thirdly, a huge thanks, to the REP team - Mark, Roxanne, David, Amanda and Howard - our film distributors who dared to put the film out. And most of all, thanks to Best Boy and the Festival Mushroom Group team: Gary Seeger, who believed in the album from the first time I pitched it to him and who has been behind it ever since; Roger Grierson, Leah Warwick, Libby Blakey, Dona Fitzhenry, Simon Kain and Eleanor McKay. Sample People soundtrack mastered by the Master himself, William "Witty" Bowden @ the Festival Studios 2000.

01: Free Falling. (4:05).
02: Gemma Calculates.
03: Yellow Envelope.
04: On The Staircase.
05: Doris.
06: School Bullies.
07: The Party.
08: The Axe.
09: Placid Bossa 2.
10: Placid Lake.
11: Life is Super Dooper.
12: The Chase.
13: Dr. Freud.
14: Transformation.
15: Radio One.
16: Sylvia.
17: Insurance Heaven.
18: Placid on the Bike.
20: Placid Bossa.