Sports Films Productions. 1971. Director: Paul Witzig. Music: Tully.
LP (ST) EMI/Harvest. SHVL-605. 1971. There are two sleeve styles 1: Gloss finish. 2: Matte finish.
Written, Composed & Performed by Tully. Our special thanks to John Taylor and David Woodley-Page for their technical assistance in the production of this music. Steve Penning and Russ Deal for superb maintenance and overtime. Keith Barber of the La De Da’s.
Sea Of Joy, Part 1.

(Lockwood). (Essex). Lockwood: Piano, Vocal, Maracas, Clarinet. Campbell: Guitar. Stewart: Vocal. Firth: Bass, Vocal. Carlos: Organ.
(Firth). (Essex). Carlos: Piano. Lockwood: Clarinet.
Follow Me.
(Campbell). (Target). Campbell: Acoustic Guitar, Springs. Firth: Electric Guitar. Carlos: Bass. Lockwood: Electric Clarinet.
Cat-Clarinet Mit Orgel.
(Lockwood - Carlos). (Essex). Lockwood: Flute, Clarinet. Carlos: Organ.
(Campbell). (Target). Campbell: Guitar, Vocal.
Stewart: Vocal. Lockwood: Flute, Saucepans.
I Feel The Sun.
(Campbell). (Target). Campbell: Vocal, Wind Chimes. Carlos: Piano, Organ, Drum. Lockwood: Bamboo Flutes. Witzig: Gong and Gamelan.
Thank You.

(Campbell - Stewart). (Target). Campbell: Guitar. Stewart: Vocal. Firth: Bass. Carlos: Piano. Lockwood: Flute. Barber: Drums.
(Tully). (Essex). Campbell: Veena. Firth: Tampoura. Carlos: Sitar. Lockwood: Violin. Tully: Percussion.
Softly, Softly.
(Firth). (Essex). Firth: Guitars. Carlos: Bass. Lockwood: Flute. Stewart: Vocal.
Brother Sun.
(Firth). (Essex). Firth: Bass, Drums, Vocal. Carlos: Organ. Lockwood: Clarinet. Stewart: Vocal. Campbell: Guitar.
Down To The Sea.
(Campbell). (Target). Campbell: Acoustic Guitar, Springs. Stewart: Vocal. Firth: Electric Guitar. Carlos: Organ, Bass. Lockwood: Flute, Electric Clarinet, Rok Birds.
Sea Of Joy, Part 2.
(Lockwood). (Essex). Lockwood: Piano, Maracas, Vocal. Campbell: Guitar. Stewart: Vocal. Firth: Bass, Vocal. Carlos: Organ.

CD (ST) Chapter Music / EMI. CH80. 2016. Additional track - Track 13: Radio Interview 1971.