Mawson Continental Pictures. 1970. Director: Frank Brittain. Music: Sven Libaek.
LP (ST) Philips. PDS-337. 1970.
Music Composed and Conducted by Sven Libaek. * Lyrics by L. Rivera.
Start Growing Up Now.
* (2:57).
v: The Flanagans. (Rivera/Libaek).
The Set (Unsophisticated Little Innocent). (4:21).
Thoughts Of Regret. (1:55).
You’ll Love It. (2:10).
Love Me. (1:49).
Night Ride. (1:20).
Suicide. (3:04).
That’s Peg’s Affair. (1:16).
Touching Hands. (0:54). Opus 13. *
The Fate Of Life.
Come And See. (1:48).
That’s Peg’s Affair. (Solo Guitar). (1:24).
That’s What I’m After. (2:43).
The Youngsters. (4:22).
Where The Daring Go. (2:26).
To The Maestro. (1:01).
Partytime At Bronoski’s. (2:32).
Start Growing Up Now. (4:08).

45 (ST) Philips. BF 468.
Side a: “Start Growing Up Now”. v: The Flanagans.
Side b: “Sophisticated Little Innocent”. v: The Flanagans.

45 (OP) Philips. BF 429.
“Poor Wandering One”. v: Elsa Jacoby.

45 (OP) Festival. FX-3303.
“Love Me”. v: The Flanagans.

LP (ST) Votary Records. VOTO12. 2018.